SousaFX integrates with SousaVFX via five audio-rate control signals to provide visual effects for LED sousaphone bells. SousaVFX may run on the same computer as SousaFX, or on a separate computer.


Other VFX apps such as VDMX, Resolume, or Touchdesigner would also play nicely with SousaFX’s control signals.


ISF shader preset


  1. Open ~/Documents/​Max 8/​Projects/​sousastep/​SousaVFX/​SousaVFX.maxproj

  2. If SousaVFX is running on the same computer as SousaFX, then the following Audio IO may be set to Off.

    • Main 1-bar Phasor

    • Phasor offset rate

    • High Freq Mod Mixed

    • Low Amp Mod Mixed

    • tuba + timefx env

    If SousaVFX and SousaFX are running on different computers, then SousaFX’s aformentioned audio outputs must be routed to SousaVFX’s audio inputs of the same name, and SousaPlayback’s “perc 1” track’s “Ext. Audio Effect” device’s “Audio To” output must be routed to SousaVFX’s “Audio IO” window’s “Kick & Snare L/R” input.


More pictures of SousaVFX.