Release Notes




  • Allow Live Link to be enabled automatically on startup.

  • When SousaFX starts up, SousaPlayback’s first scene auto-plays, and second scene’s selected.

  • Next scene can auto-play when SousaFX’s looper finishes fading out.

  • Clips can randomize when SousaFX’s looper finishes fading out.

  • Talkback mic auto-mutes itself when tuba starts playing.

  • Risers can auto-play when SousaFX’s looper starts fading out.


  • Remove Twitch bot. Will return later.

  • Allow Kick & Snare envelope to affect params.

  • Replace scaling abstraction’s one-row matrix with menu.


  • First release! 🥳


Known Bugs

  • the About SousaFX window shows “0 0” as install date on first boot.

  • if you reinstantiate an effect after saving its first user preset without rebooting SousaFX, the effect will reload its default preset.

  • if an FX Bank is set to “bypass when looper’s inactive”, it must be manually unbypassed before saving a main preset.

  • plugin selectors can only clear plugin slot by manually deleting json file in data folder.

  • Param Control Logic’s “This control is mapped to the joystick” message won’t update when switching presets. It will update when manually adding and removing connections.


Feel free to submit bug reports or feature requests to GitHub Issues