Modding SousaFX is tough. Feature requests are encouraged, and can be submitted via GitHub.

Here are some notes for peeking around SousaFX:

Accessing the internals of any patcher is a 5 step process:

  1. option m to disable the custom menubar.

  2. option command e to exit presentation mode.

  3. Click the message that says window flags nofloat, window flags zoom, window flags grow, window exec, savewindow 0.

  4. option command m to modify read-only.

  5. command e to unlock the patcher and enter edit mode.

To open bpatchers, right-click them and select Object > New View, or Open Original.

  • New View is best for debugging why a particular bpatcher is acting a certain way.

  • Open Original is best for saving changes.

The loaded bpatchers have to be relaunched after saving changes in the original patcher.

To open patchers, right-click them and select Object > Open Original. For a New View of a patcher, double-click the patcher while the parent patcher is locked (command e).

If you’re more than 2 gen~ patchers deep you’ll want to restart SousaFX after saving any edits.

Opening patchers via the Project window is a good habit to have because it ensures that you’re always editing the correct file. Clicking ~/Documents/​Max 8/​Projects/ ​sousastep/​SousaFX/​SousaFX.maxproj after opening SousaFX reveals SousaFX’s Project window. Beware that clicking SousaFX.maxproj a third time will open SousaFX again, even if you’ve closed the Project window.