Main Window

This window represents SousaFX’s audio signal flow, and links to the audio effects, controller bindings, and settings.



Closing this window quits SousaFX. Click the sunset icon on the bottom-right to quit more gracefully. SousaFX auto-saves some settings on shutdown.

Main Presets

On the top-right are the main presets, which save the current state of the modulation parameters, the FX Banks’ slot selections, bleed amount, and pitch amount. The main preset selection is accessible via “preset 1 - 4” in the bindings. The button to the right of the preset number sets the initial preset number to load on startup. The hidden button below “Main” displays all saved preset parameter values


Switching from one preset to another without saving will lose changes. Switching from one preset to a blank slot allows you to save the previous preset into the blank slot.

misc button info

Clicking the version number underneath the SousaFX logo opens the About window. The version number will be highlighted if there’s an update available.

The power button next to the CPU meter is the audio engine’s on/off button. Turning off the audio engine is not recommended. Below that is SousaFX’s version number,