A simple “one-button” looper with a handful of effects.


The looper has five states.

  1. Idle

  2. Prepared

  3. Recording

  4. Looping

  5. Fading Out

Hitting the button (called looper record / fade out in the bindings) advances the looper state from Idle to Prepared. Playing tuba advances from Prepared to Recording. After 8 bars or so, the looper automatically stops Recording and starts Looping. Hitting the button a second time begins Fading Out the looper over the course of 8 bars. A second loop can be recorded while the first’s fading out.

Below the two loopers are the post-loop Stutter, Tremolo, & Filters. The following bindings are available:

  • Looper Stutter Enable

  • Looper Stutter Accel

  • Looper Stutter Random Rhythm

  • Looper Filters

  • Looper Tremolo Duty

  • Looper Tremolo Depth

  • loopers tremolo and stutter subdivision

  • mute loopers

Enabling the toggle on the bottom-left makes Ableton play a random riser clip whenever the looper starts fading out.

The toggle to the right of the aformentioned toggle makes the looper auto-record after the tuba drops below the noise gate a certain number of times /after/ the looper finishes fading out.

The menu on the bottom-right chooses how to trigger drum clips in SousaPlayback after the looper fades out.