Main Stutter Tremolo & Filters

Six parameters here are available in the bindings. Both the stutter and tremolo’s subdivisions are attached to the binding’s subdivisions.



Inspired by Pioneer’s Stutter FX.


  • stutter

    Toggle stutter on and off. Bound to Main Input Stutter Enable

  • button

    Selects a random subdivision. Bound to Main Input Stutter Random Rhythm

  • vol dip

    Determines how much the stutter volume will decrease as the acceleration increases from neutral.

  • offset

    Positive offset can improve transients at the beginning of the loop by shifting them outside of the declick window.

  • window

    Prevents clicks by quickly muting the stutter at the loop point. Determines how long muting should take.

  • accel

    Slow down and speed up the stutter FX. Bound to Main Input Stutter Accel

  • stutter volume

    The volume of the stutter.

  • subdiv menu

    The rhythm of the subdivision. Attached to binding’s subdivisions.

  • sync

    Same as the subdiv menu.

  • gated or thru

    Should the input be gated by the stutter, or always pass through regardless of if the stutter is occuring? This may be hardcoded to change dynamically. Don’t worry about it.


A simple, musical, square-wave tremolo.


  • depth mix

    Amount of tremolo. Bound to Main Input Tremolo Depth

  • duty cycle

    The fraction of one period in which the signal is active. Bound to Main Input Tremolo Duty


    Wikipedia - Duty Cycle


Also inspired by Pioneer, a DJ filter.


  • filter sweep

    Bypass at 50%. Approaching 100% is a lowpass sweep up, and approaching 0% is a highpass sweep down. The filters are an MS20-like 24 dB/oct Sallen Key filter by Surreal Machines. Bound to Main Input Filters

  • smooth

    Smooths the filter frequency modulation. If mapped to a joystick, lower values follow the joystick more closely, while higher values glide towards the joystick.