Octaver effects work by either pitch shifting the audio down one octave, or by detecting the pitch of the audio and synthesizing a tone one octave below the detected pitch.

In my experience, a synthesized tone sounds cleaner than pitch shifting.

SousaFX’s Octaver has four options:

1. The RNBO Guitar Pedal package’s Octaver, from Algorithms for guitar-driven synthesis, partially based on the EHX Micro Synth.

octave rnbo

  1. Load your own octaver plugin. I use Quadravox.

octave plugin

  1. Use an external hardware effect via the “external octaver send / receive mono” Audio IO. I use the H9000’s Octaver. Clicking the button will check the external effect’s latency.

octave ext

  1. An octave synth put together by Alexander Panos and modified by moi.

octave custom
  • sub mix

    Sets the volume of the effect.

  • bottom right toggle

    When enabled, the octave will sweep down whenever the tuba starts playing.

  • bottom mid toggle

    Enables pitch correction for the octave.

  • rightmost numboxes

    Sets the octave’s slide amount, up and down, in samples (~48 samples per millisecond).

  • leftmost numboxes

    Sets the frequency range (for the octave) within which the octave will sound. Generally, you don’t need an octave below 30 Hz.